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Congestion Slows Philly Drivers

Philadelphia drivers know traffic.  We have all experienced being stuck on the freeway for what feels like hours.  Well, a recent study released by GPS manufacture Tom Tom ranks Philadelphia as the 17th most congested city in the US, with peak commuting taking 33% longer than it should if traffic were free flowing.  This means that an hour-long commute is likely to take an hours and a half instead.  These kinds of delays make the morning commute less predictable and often stress out commuters even before they make it to the office.

A good alternative would be to combine cycling with SEPTA.  Riding a bicycle helps to relieve stress and increase concentration once at work, while the ride on SEPTA provides time to read, relax or get ready for the office.  Combining transit options can lead to more predictable departure and arrival times and can make your morning commute more efficient.  Check out the webpage for more information on multi-modal commuting.

For more information, be sure to check out the Boston.Com article and comic from BikeyFace below:

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